Acid Resistance Abrasive Blasting and Polishing Grinding Glas
grinding glass beads

Grinding glass beads is made of glass as raw material by crushing particular, sintering, with a smooth  surface, uniform size, high hardness, wear resistance, stability and other characteristics. Widely used in  dyes, paints, inks, chemical and other industries dispersant, grinding media and filler materials;  
Appearance: colorless, transparent, approximate circle sphere, rounded and smooth, no obvious  bubbles impurities.  
Circularity: round rate of ≥90% Density: 2.5g/cm3 Refractive index: Nd≥1.50, Nd≥80  Chemical Composition: soda lime glass, Sio2 content of > 68%, Mohs hardness 6-7;
Mechanical properties: compressive strength 3300kg/cm² Microhardness:(indentation hardness) 8000kg/cm2 Chemical properties: Acid resistance:20% HCI solution in4 hours boiling loss0.005mg/cm3; alkali  solution  in 1% NaOH loss 0.3mg/cm 3 boiled four hours Usage 0.4-0 .8 mm for oilfield oil fracturing proppant,  improve  oil yield.0.8-2.0mm for clay, deep processing of TSP dispersants.2.0 -6.0 for the chemicals, dyes, paints, inks production sander scored powder.

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