Top Relective galss beads Intermix as Potters

DH ® Road Marking paint Intermix Top Reflective Glass Beads Same As Potter’s

-----------Special for rainny night road
At present, the reflective marking on rainy night is generally used to sprinkle the reflective beads on the surface to achieve the reflective performance of rainy night under dry, humid and continuous rainfall conditions. After the wear of the surface reflective bead on rainy night is finished, the continuous reflection effect will be reduced, and it is an urgent problem that the reflective effect cannot be achieved on rainy night.
According to China marking and coating network, the research team specially set up by Langfang Daohong glass micro bead Co., Ltd. for rainy night glass beads has solved the problem of persistence of reflective marking effect in rainy night.
It can be mixed with reflective glass beads on rainy night. It can not only be used in the interior of the coating (the addition amount is more than 30%), but also can be used on the surface of pavement markings. It completely solves the problem that reflective glass beads on rainy night that are popular in the market can only be used on the surface. And the use cost is greatly reduced.

DH ® series is made of special optical structure and has similar appearance to ordinary reflective glass beads. However, the advantage of glass beads lies in improving the inversion coefficient of road markings to more than 500 MCD, which is far more than the performance of ordinary glass beads (the inversion coefficient of ordinary glass beads is generally about 300 MCD). Experts say that DH ® glass beads have the same effect as Potter glass beads in the United States, and they are the top glass beads with the best anti reflection effect and the best cost performance ratio. It is suggested to popularize and use it.

DH ® glass beads are mixed in the pavement marking coating, which completely solves the problem of continuous reflection performance of reflective marking on rainy night, When the content of mixed glass beads is more than or equal to 30%, the coating is sprayed with glass beads or reflective beads on rainy night, which can not only ensure the initial retroreflection coefficient of reflective markings on rainy nights, but also ensure the continuous reflective performance of reflective beads on the surface of reflective markings on rainy nights after abrasion, so as to give drivers and passengers a good visibility of traffic markings on rainy nights and ensure driving safety.

The inner mixed rain night reflective bead is made of special process glass, which can also achieve the normal return reflection ability of light in the wet state of the surface.

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