Drop on Thermoplastic Road Marking Material Reflective Glass
Drop on Thermoplastic Road Marking Material Reflective Glass Beads
Model NO.: EN, BS 6088, KS, JT and so on
Trademark: DAOHONG
Transport Package: 25kg/Bag or 1000kg/Bag
Specification: KS, JT, AASHTO M 247, BS 6088, EN and so on
Origin: Langfang, Hebei, China
HS Code: 70182000
Material: Glassbead
Application: Road Signs
Color: Water Clear
Size: 0-1180micron Glass Beads
Standards: Jt,Ks,En,BS 6088,Aashto M247

Reflective glass beads(retroreflective glass beads) are made of glass sand, after melting temperature the  formation of a tiny glass beads, was observed under the microscope spherical, colorless, transparent, refractive index  of 1.50-1.64 between the diameter is generally between 75 microns to 1400 microns Currently in the domestic  production of major road Reflective glass beads craft flame floating method. 
Reflective glass beads for road marking(paint) in the reflective material, can improve the retroreflective pavement  marking paint performance, improve night driving safety,  national transport sector has to be determined. When driving at night, the lights shone on road signs with glass beads online,  make parallel light rays and reflected back, allowing  the driver to see the way forward to improve the safety of driving at night. Now, reflective glass beads has become a road safety products, reflective material can not be replaced.
  Reflective glass bead for road, mainly used in normal temperature, hot melt road marking paint, a method for  premixed material can ensure marking period in the life of the long-term reflective; one kind of construction in the  marking surface spreading, can play an instant reflection effect.  coated glass beas are divided into two types, one as reflective highway A screen used as reflective. Coated glass beads is to use a high-performance organic materials on glass beads for external processing, making the glass bead surface adsorption air weakens the dust. as micro beads coated with a specific coupl-ing agent, to improve the  adhesion of the coating bead and to prevent deposition of micro beads to the paint. Because of its function floatability.  the use in the coating surface float, which has the largest surface area can be in creased more than 30% utilization.
  Glass bead coating processing performance is more superior. It rains more often foggy in humid environments, with  better reflective capabilities.
 Technical parameters
  Appearance: colorless transparent sphere, rounded and smooth, no obvious bubbles or impurities.
  Circularity: round rate of≥80% Density:2.4-2.6g/cm3 refractive index:Nd≥1.50
  Composition of: soda-lime glass composition, Si02 content of> 70%

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