Glass beads for traffic paint
Glass Beads BS 6088A/B Reflective Road Marking
Product Description
Glass beads are tin? spheres of glass that are used in paint and durable road markings to reflect light back to the driver in dark or poor weather conditions - improving safet? and visibilit?.
The glass beads pla? a ver? important role in the road safet? .During da? time the white road marking material gives the sufficient visibilit? as a contrast to the asphalt. In the night time
contrast of the white line is not sufficient and must be improved b? adding light reflective glass beads.
Ph?sical Properties
Name Inde?
Appearance round, clean, transparent and free of bubbles and foreign matters
Specific gravit? 2.4-2.6g/cm3
Roundness ?600?m roundness?85%, ?600?m roundness ?80%
PH 7.2
Inde? of refraction ?1.5
SiO2 ?65%
Micro hardness 630kg/mm2
T?pical Chemical Composition
SiO2 Na2O MgO CaO Al2O3 K2O others
71-73% 13-15 % 3-5% 8-10% 0.5-2% 0.2-0.6% ?2%

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