Rainy Night Glass Beads Breif History
 Rainy Night Glass Beads Breif History
-----DH Anti-Water all weather reflective glass beads- Rainy Night Glass Beads
The first generation of rain night beads (temporary rain night beads): assembly structure: inner core glass beads wrapped in a thin layer, core ceramic outer layer wrapped in a thin layer, mixed rubber particles
From the first generation of rain night beads, they were all in the form of aggregation, called all-weather, ceramic beads, rain night glass beads, etc. in the early days at home and abroad, glass beads were used as the core, and a layer of high refraction micro glass beads was bonded on the surface or plastic glue was used to bond into a irregular granular shape. Advantages: high reflection brightness coefficient, disadvantages: poor wear resistance, can not be premixed production coating, can not achieve continuous reflective effect. Finally, this type of rain bead is defined as temporary rain bead. Market price: about  USD10,000 tons for domestic products and 150000-200000 tons for imports to China.
The second generation rain bead (golden rain line) Gamma Beads: solid glass beads that directly change the optical refractive index (first generation yellow appearance, second generation colorless and transparent appearance)
The first generation of rain night beads use the method of changing the refractive index to realize the reflection on rainy night. The market is also called 1.7 refraction beads and yellow gold beads. The appearance is golden, the density is between 3.1 and 3.3, and the particle size of 0.85-1.7mm has excellent reflective effect on rainy days. It can be premixed in the interior and surface of the coating to achieve long-term reflection in rainy night in the whole life cycle.
The third generation rain bead has been basically developed. Its optical structure is changed and its appearance looks like crystal, so it is called crystal rain bead. The inversion data is the same as 1.7 refractive index. The price will be lower than before.
DH top coefficient of Retroreflection glass beads is the latest product successfully developed by our R & D team for nearly 10 years. It meets the highest requirements of road reflection, and it is also the requirement of high-end road marking paint such as airport and expressway.

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